What is c-Gold?

Commerce Gold (c-gold.com) is a project of Private Gold Equities Exchange Limited, a Seychelles company (est. 2005, cert. 024795) that specializes in the development and operation of online market places and e-commerce platforms.

Who should use c-Gold?

Anyone who wants to send or receive secure, instant payments over the Internet and save on transaction fees and eliminate currency exchange risks:

  • Online shops and service provider
  • Businesses with cross-boder customers
  • Affiliate program operators
  • Online games
  • Paid subscription sites
  • Fee-based download sites
  • Pay-per-view content providers
  • On-line auction sites
  • International mail order businesses

Real Physical Gold Bullion

c-Gold is fully redeemable for actual, physical gold bars, which makes the weight-based balance of a c-gold.com user account the same as buying physical gold with no taxes or surcharges.

Ease of Use

The entire c-Gold platform is accessible from one convenient user interface, allowing you to check your balances, make and receive payments, review past transactions, and set up payment interfaces to accept c-Gold payments from your website with a few clicks.

Peace of Mind

  • c-Gold is 100% redeemable for gold bullion
  • All transactions are shown in the online book-entry system
  • Online access is secured through passphrase, session monitoring and IP logging
  • Transactions are final and irrevocable
  • Stringent KYC and AML processes ensure smooth interaction

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